Jen Melgarejo

  Love is measured in time.

In a blink of an eye those kiddos go from being held by you to being chased by you. The first sip at the bottle or breast. The high chair and smooched oatmeal. Sitting up and reaching for the rattle. Crawling to Papa. Saying Mama for the first time. Spaghetti on the ground. Naked streaking after showers. The first steps. Drop off. Daycare. Reading the second book…for the third time tonight.

We don’t get to choose our kids but we get to choose how we spend time with them.

My Approach.

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I approach each session with positivity and joy. Kids are spontaneous and messy, and that’s OK. I feel that part of photography is the appreciation for the moment. It’s part patience and listening to what’s happening around us. When you put people first, the photos come naturally.


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