About Me


In a blink of an eye those kiddos go from being held by you to being chased by you. The first sip at the bottle or breast. The high chair and smooched oatmeal. Sitting up and reaching for the rattle. Crawling to Papa. Saying Mama for the first time. Spaghetti on the ground. Naked streaking after showers. The first steps. Drop off. Daycare. How incredible is that? It goes so fast.

Just look through any of your photographs.

It goes so very. Fast. 

Don’t you think your little one wants it to go slower too? How many times will you re-read that bedtime story? Or make that silly face? 

I count the seconds of the day to the next hug I will get from my little one. The new word she has learned. Her new dance move. Her new favorite book. I want it to go slower but it goes fast. I am a mother after all.